I am a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
To my great good fortune, I was, during the period of my training, in the court of great masters of this fascinating branch of surgery, in particular I spent long periods in Spain and France, and , of course, in Italy.
I have been a consultant for years to some prestigious hospitals, such as , for example, the International Evangelical Hospital in Genoa.
I have focused , in an effort to provide the best possible outcome for my patients, my attention and practice on the cervicofacial and mammary district.
Specifically, I focused on face-lift and blepharoplasty surgeries as far as the face is concerned and on reductive, pessi and corrective augmentation mastoplasty surgeries as far as the breast is concerned.
I have always had reconstructive surgery at heart, and in this respect, I deal exclusively with reconstructions of the facial district post cutaneous oncological surgery.
Over the years, I have been involved in organizing many dissection courses to offer colleagues the opportunity to share my experience and theirs.
I edited a major Atlas of Surgery in the same spirit: to share the knowledge gained with colleagues.
With enormous pleasure, I host young physicians and colleagues in my operating rooms who are eager to increase their educational background.
Medicine and surgery make very rapid progress and offer better and better results if all doctors share their experience-that’s my spirit.
Regarding my philosophy inherent in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, only one word guides my practice: naturalness. Never give in to excess, never distort people, but only try to make the most of them.

Thank you for your trust.

Dr. Giuseppe Colombo